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Exchange PayPal USD to Payeer USD


To create an order:
1. To create an order, register and go through account verification (consider 10 – 30 minutes during business hours).
2. Do not specify the delivery address, sеlect the item – delivery is not required. Comment to the payment leave blank
3. sеlect USD for the currency we receive (when choosing the currency to send in your PayPal account on the right)
Please be careful. For an example of payment, see THE LINK
Within 10 – 30 minutes after receiving payment during business hours, we will complete the order.

Exchange rate: 1 USD = 0.8551 USD

min.: 100 USD, max.: 280 USD

min.: 100 USD

Enter your PayPal email, example


min.: 85.51 USD, max.: 239.428 USD

min.: 85.51 USD
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Exchange PayPal USD to Payeer USD

Within 10-30 minutes after the receipt of funds to our PayPal account we will pay your order.

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